Meme Monday fans, you’re in for a treat.

From Valorant’s latest map, to the League of Legends 11.9 update, it’s been a week for a bumper crop of memes.

Funny, witty, and downright savage (FIFA gets the brunt of it this week), there’s something for everybody. 

An overwhelming week to say the least. So without further ado let’s dive into this weeks’ selection.

  1. Freeze… I mean Breeze
r/ValorantMemes - I believe in Breeze supremacy


Talk about being biased. The newest map in Valorant promises a fun day out at the beach. Hey, what’s not to like about sunny weather, even if your enemies are picking off your entire team one by one. The recent Hank Schrader craze combined with the immense bias against Icebox birth this fantastic meme. I guess it’s still a win for the Valorant community nonetheless.

  1. Expectations vs reality
r/ApexOutlands - Apex be like..

Credit: Reddit

Ahh yes, feeling the hype from watching your favourite pro streamer play Apex Legends? Watch all the fun drain away as you try and play the game yourself. Talk about worlds apart. Maybe we should just stick to watching the pros. Just joking, how can a game be fun if you are not irritated and frustrated?

  1. We don’t look alike at all
r/gamingmemes - I think I see a pattern here


Is it just me or do some of these look similar, maybe FIFA 20 and FIFA 21? Nah, I must be trippin! Every rendition of FIFA has revolutionised the gaming industry. The meme accurately highlights the almost constant similarities in the games of the FIFA franchise in a single photo. What a masterpiece!

  1. Enjoy your new lux skin with a side of bugs

Credit: Reddit

Delicious! Nothing says LOL updates quite like a new variety of bugs to go along with your gameplay. The LOL community also recognises the 3 percent of players who play Lux by granting her a brand new space groove skin.

Bonus: Run, hide he will find you

High mobility heroes watch out! There is a new hero in town, and he is out for your blood. The newest MLBB character Phoveus has no chill, viciously hunting down any hero he spots with his ball and chain. Talk about scary!

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