Bye-bye Furrets on escalators and daily reviews of different Pokémon. 

In the event that you have been living under a rock for the past few months, Nintendo finally announced remakes of the arguably best generation in Pokémon, Diamond and Pearl (aside from Generation 3 of course, sorry genwunners). Pairing this fantastic news was the announcement of a brand-new Pokémon adventure, Pokémon legends: Arceus.

With Nintendo Direct slated for E3 tomorrow (15 June) and 2 epic games to talk about, here are the top 4 announcements we hope to hear!

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  1. A complete National Pokédex 

Gotta Catch ‘Em All! Pokemon fans across the world have been complaining about the National Pokédex, and for good reason! Needing to redo all the Pokémon models from scratch, Nintendo made the hard decision to cut out some Pokémon from Sword and Shield. This disappointed many fans about the missed opportunity to adventure with their favourite Pokémon. Unlikely as it may be, an announcement that all 898 Pokémon would return is sure to be well received by the community.

J Fresh on Twitter: "If the Gen 4 remakes don't include Pokeball seals then  what is even the point… "

Credit: Nintendo

  1. The return of Pokémon seals

One of the best yet redundant features of generation 4 was the introduction of Pokémon seals. This feature allows your Pokémon to pop out of the Pokéball and into battle with an animation effect; ranging from hearts, sparkles, and even letters. Though solely aesthetic, this was a fun and harmless feature that spiced up the mundane action of throwing a Pokéball. Additionally, it would be great if this feature returned with player customisation!

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  1. Overworld encounters

Love Sword and Shield or hate it, you must admit that the overworld encounters was a major win. Nothing beats the immersive experience of being chased around Route 216 by a group of excited Abomasnow. Although the trailers for Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl have yet to show any inkling of overworld Pokémon, our fingers remain tightly crossed. 

Credit: Nintendo

  1. Legendary content

Sinnoh is home to countless Legendary Pokémon; from the full moon Pokémon Cresselia to the literal God of the universe, Arceus. In the original games, Sinnoh Legendaries like Darkrai were event exclusives, so it would be awesome to hear that these Pokémon would be directly added into the game. Arceus willing, the return of the Battle Frontier would be another massive announcement for the community, especially since Nintendo decided to previously remove the Battle Frontier in the ORAS remakes.

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