It was the legendary rematch everyone was waiting for, a rerun of the epic MPL PH finals —Execration vs Blacklist International.

The two Filipino teams return to the stage to face off against one another yet again. It was a massive struggle for both teams during the finals of the MPL PH, with Blacklist International barely pulling ahead with a score of (4-3) against Execration.

The (4-3) score in favour of Blacklist International has now been flipped on its head. Living up to their moniker of being “champion slayers”, the MSC champions demonstrated their might by owning their rivals in a solid (4-1) victory. What a win for both Execration and the Philippines!

Filipino teams are coming into the fray, having recently dominated the competitive MLBB scene. In fact, several competitions such as M2 and MSC have become their stronghold. Finally unseating the longstanding throne of Indonesian teams, Filipino teams are now on the cusp of overthrowing the long-held competitive hierarchy.

When asked how they were finally able to overcome the Indonesian giants, Execration said it all boiled down to camaraderie and a sense of belonging.

“Indonesia has a lot of strong individual mechanical players, but I think that the Philippines has better team players because we treat each other like brothers.”

Undoing the past

After overcoming Evos Legends, the underdog champions still needed a strategy to overcome the MPL PH champions. With a flawless run in the playoffs and 2 overwhelming victories over Execration, it was going to be a struggle. Their solution? Sheer hard work, a ton of research, and confidence!

“Every game and every match we just got stronger,” shared the champions. “We already scrim with them (Blacklist International) every day before the playoffs and found that they always stick to the same heroes, so we learnt how to counter them.”

Their efforts finally paid off as they managed to pull off unique picks like the Ling-Rafaela bottom lane, resulting in Jomie “Pakbet” Abalos, Billy “Z4pnu” Alfonso, and Joshua “Ch4knu” Mangilog securing their first-ever trophy, and a regional one at that.

Now crowned the strongest team in SEA, with a game prize of US $70,000

Execration hopes to finally take a break before once again revving their gears in preparation for MPL PH season 8.

“For MPL PH season 8, we plan to stick to our current picks,” shared Execration. “Moving forward, we want to be the champions of MPL PH season 8 as well as M3.”

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