Welcome back to another week of Meme Monday! With governments putting social distancing measures back in place, it looks like we’re gonna be stuck at home for a while longer. But there is no need to worry – here are some memes to get us through the week.

1. Not again

Credit: Facebook

As the KTV cluster continues to grow, it looks like we will be returning to tighter measures for the third time. So much for being able to open up and dine in with groups of 5.

2. I’m not even mad anymore – just disappointed

Credit: Netflix

Also thanks to the chi ko pek uncles who couldn’t keep it in their pants, we are now looking at yet another round of tightening measures. At this point, they truly deserve the public backlash they find themselves facing.

3. The battlescars of quarantine

Credit: Reddit

Being stuck at home means pandemic-era gamers will not emerge unscathed. When all this finally ends, you may find some with battle scars from prolonged engagements with Lady Dimitrescu, or enemy insurgents in Verdansk.

4. You gotta do what you gotta do

Credit: Reddit

When the world is crumbling around you, what should your number one priority be? Check if the fish on the space station is edible, obviously.

5. So much for stealth

Credit: Reddit

“I think I will do this mission stealthily” – famous last words of almost every gamer ever. For those who like to go in guns blazing, you will be pleased to know that you are not alone. I mean if it works it works, right?

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