Last week’s Pokemon Presents had plenty of huge announcements: Pokemon Unite is going mobile, trainers got more glimpses of the long-awaited Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl remakes (finally!), and Pokemon Legends: Arceus unveiled a couple of critters that have sent fans crazy. Let’s kick start Monday with a Poke-fest of Memes!

Machamp Madness

We already know Machamp is more beast than Pokemon. But Pokemon Unite takes this four-armed behemoth to the next level. How else would you explain Venusaur being pounded into a diced vegetable? Incredible.

Who’s counting?

Credit: Reddit

But before we get all excited about Pokemon Unite going mobile, the folks at Tencent need to get something sorted out: letting players know the damn score. It’s just basic fundamentals.

Here comes a new challenger

Credit: Reddit

Poor Pokemon Unite. This fairly new game will probably be outshined and outsparkled by Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl when the Gen 4 remakes release in November. But after a 14 year wait for a remake, can you really blame fans?

Growlithe 2.0, the new star

Credit: Reddit

Last week Pokemon Presents saw the release of Pokemon Legends: Arceus’s  2nd trailer, and there’s only one thing currently flooding the Reddit streams: Hisuian Growlithe. Just look at its adorable 70s hairdo – this ancient firecracker of a Pokemon is set to be a red hot asset.

Now everyone wants a Basculin

Credit: Reddit

Finally, the nippy little Basculin can feel vindicated. This green piranha has often been shown a lack of respect: no evolution, slightly worthless, and according to the Pokedex, extremely delicious. But Pokemon Legends: Arceus has boosted its street cred by giving it an evolution: Basculegion.

Apparently, this new Pokemon’s evolution comes from a Basculin being possessed by the deceased souls of other Basculin. Who’s laughing now?

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