The Olympics have been taking the world by storm for over two weeks now – and boy do we have much to celebrate. From Indonesia’s historic badminton win to the Philippines clinching gold in weightlifting, here are some memes to honour these amazing athletes.

1. Can you stand the heat?


When it comes to the spices, Fillipinos don’t hold back – even if it comes at a cost later on in the day. But that’s okay, being able to survive the heat makes us champions in our own right.

2. That RTX medal-biting meme actually made it to real life

Credit: Twitter

Brazilian swimmer Bruno Fratus may have crushed it in the 50m men’s freestyle finals, but he is now also dominating twitter feeds by unknowingly bringing the ‘medal biting’ meme to life. He definitely deserves it though. As Brazil’s oldest medallist at the Tokyo Games, it is no surprise he’s got much to celebrate.

3. Happens to the best of us

With the pandemic’s social distancing measures leaving out social skills rusty, it seems there is much inertia when it comes to going out and talking to people. Maybe what we need is a good wake-up call to get us going.

4. Be a champion for humanity – get vaxed


With the COVID-19 pandemic still devastating nations across the world, and especially in Asia, nothing is more important than getting people vaccinated. Only less than 10 percent of the Indonesian population is vaccinated. And with Indonesia’s health ministry coming out to say that those not vaccinated are three times more likely to die if infected with the virus, it makes sense for people to get vaxed. 

Just like the dedicated spirit shown by Indonesia’s women’s doubles badminton team, you can do it Indonesia!  

5. Presenting… Shuhei…

Credit: Reddit

They say the element of surprise is a sure path to victory. And with such a surprising name, it sure looks like Shuhei Tada is destined for the path to sheer greatness.

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