The Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) Stage 3 Masters in Berlin may be all the rage now in Valorant-verse. 

But also the talk of the town is the new Valorant content Riot Games recently released. It is something that has all players, pros or not (us, unfortunately), rejoicing. 

We know, we know… we haven’t been posting much about Valorant lately. But with the Zedd collaboration, new battle pass and map, how can we stay silent any longer? 

As part of the Valorant craze, we are devoting Meme Monday to Valorant’s latest stuff, including the, uh, new agent

  1. Send this to your rich friend

The Spectrum skin bundle by Zedd may just have the best final blow effects in the game, turning the map into a neon nightclub. That’s why even if you’re bottom fragging, getting your only kill with this skin will make your entire team forgive you. Trust us. One thing’s for sure though, this skin is going to kill you both in game and in real-life: Have you SEEN the bundle’s price? It costs 10,700 Valorant points, which is around USD$90. Well, at least you’re going out in style. 

  1. Close enough

Riot, tell us the truth. Did you just add some colour and designs to the Minima skins and call them Spectrum skins? Insert Roblox “Oof!” here.

  1. Same same but different

“Can I copy your homework? Sure, just change it up a bit.” Place your bets on which map is next: Divided or Half? All jokes aside, the ziplines are pretty awesome: Who knew it was possible to have fun together with the enemy team? (Until somebody decides to be a backstabber, of course.)

  1. Butterfly? More like money fly

Pro-tip: Just set your mouse dpi to 6,000 and move it around. Voila, now your default knife spins just like the balisong! You’re welcome, we just saved you a kidney. 

  1. New agent Paul WHEN?

No matter where Valorant players go, Paul is there. Paul is watching. It must be the Riot developers hinting at something, right? You heard it here first: Paul Delmann is a future agent. Valorant conspiracists, do your thing.

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