After 11 years since the game’s first launch, League of Legends will now have its very own Netflix series. 

Set to release on 6 Nov 2021 worldwide, Arcane looks to follow the lives of playable Champions Vi and Jinx, as we explore their origins in Piltover and Zaun. The series will feature three 3-episode acts that will release over three weeks. 

This is contrary to Netflix’s usual strategy of dumping an entire season of a series for players to binge-watch over a weekend.

We have had the pleasure to watch the Dota Netflix series earlier this year, with it scoring a 75% on Rotten Tomatoes and 8/10 on IMDB. The question is, how will Dota’s greatest competitor fare in the same genre?

Credit: Netflix

Notable cast members from the game are Jayce, Caitlyn and Viktor though we have seen some other familiar faces like Heimerdinger appear at brief moments in the trailer. And boy, the trailer itself has gotten us and the rest of the internet hyped!

The plot will revolve around the invention of Hextech; Science that allows for control over Magic. However, with any great new invention comes a revolution of ideas both good and bad on how to use them. From the trailer, it would seem that Vi and Jinx will be torn apart by the ensuing chaos.

While we all know Riot’s capabilities in terms of Music production and videos like K/DA, venturing into season-long visual storytelling is new territory for them. The only things that come close to similar storytelling are that of Spirit Blossoms and the Ruination-Sentinels events in the game client. Although, one might say that the Sentinels story turned out to have quite the anti-climactic conclusion.

Nevertheless, with the suddenly rise of shows like Squid Game, anything is possible with Netflix in this era of Subscription TV. We can only wait an see if this series will be an EPIC WIN or an EPIC FAIL.

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