The MPL ID S8 playoffs ended last weekend with ONIC claiming their 2nd championship after beating RRQ in a close 4-3 and claimed a spot in M3. As 1st runner up, RRQ has also qualified for M3, making them one of the few teams that have attended every M-World Series thus far.

If you missed the finals, here’s a breakdown.

A Royal Derby between RRQ and ONIC

Before meeting again in the grand final, RRQ initially beat ONIC in the upper bracket with a 3-1 score. Holding a grudge against RRQ, ONIC was determined to beat everyone in their way. They even beat the all-time fan-favorite team, EVOS, not once, but TWICE.

Dubbed the Royal Derby by fans because of their status as ONIC’s “King of the Sky” and RRQ’s “King of Kings”, the grand final match was gripped with tension. ONIC was one game away from claiming the throne when the game was 3-1. However, RRQ seemed to awaken and won 2 games back-to-back. 

In the final game, it was all about mentality, ONIC and RRQ traded kills and pushed each other’s turrets. With Alberttt’s signature hero, Ling, banned all throughout the tournament, he was forced to pick Karina as jungler in the tournament. On the other hand, Sanz played Natan, a pocket pick of his. At the 10-minute mark, a small mistake by RRQ led ONIC to take out 4 of RRQ’s members and they immediately pushed the bottom lane. 

With only Xinnn alive, RRQ could not hold back ONIC’s attack and thus ONIC claimed their victory.

Credit: MPL Indonesia

RRQ, always present at the M-World Series

M1, M2, and now M3, RRQ is the only team in Indonesia who has attended all the M-World Series. Failing to claim victory on previous M1 and M2, RRQ is back again to fight for glory in M3 this December.

Credit: ONE Esports

Looking at their current line up, they have a high probability to claim their first win at M3. 

MPL ID S8 is the most viewed esports tournament in South-East Asia

Filled by top MLBB teams in the region, such as EVOS, RRQ, ONIC, Alter Ego, there’s no doubt that MPL ID S8 achieved a high number of viewership.

Credit: Esports Charts

MPL ID S8 confirms their status as the most popular esports tournaments in South-East Asia after being watched by 2.39 million viewers in one of its matches between ONIC and EVOS.

ONIC’s Kiboy lose his Instagram shortly after

After ONIC’s victory against RRQ, Kiboy seems to have lost his Instagram account. Not sure what is the reason, but fans speculate that RRQ’s fans are massively reporting Kiboy’s account. An Instagram account can be suspended if people are reporting the account for any reason. Thus it is possible that his account is currently under attack.

Credit: MPL Indonesia

RRQ’s CEO, Andrian Pauline, also commented on this event by saying “Don’t spread any false rumors. If you guys are willing to, please share Kiboy’s new Instagram account, so he can be more famous, more successful. Don’t be cruel.”

Hopefully all these issues can be solved soon. We should respect all teams, especially ONIC and RRQ, who will represent Indonesia at the M3 World Championship.

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