MPL ID is the most viewed MPL by far in the region. With more than 1 million concurrent viewers when teams such as EVOS, RRQ, ONIC, and Alter Ego play, there’s no doubt that MPL ID is also the most competitive MPL. 

From the last 2 seasons, teams who didn’t manage to get to the playoffs were GEEK FAM and AURA ESPORTS. They were both at the bottom 2 places in the regular seasons 6 and 7 respectively. GEEK FAM only won 6 games combined, and AURA only won 1 game.

Credit: MPL Indonesia
Credit: MPL Indonesia

But in S8, we are seeing a change. Rebellion Genflix has replaced Aerowolf Genflix due to their financial and organization issues. And Aura, surprisingly, is now seated at 5th place! What happened to Aura? They even toppled Bigetron, who finished runner up at MPL S7.

Credit: MPL Indonesia

New line up, new playstyle

With the addition of Facehugger as their mid laner, the playstyle seems to improve more than last season. In addition to that, the team also plays a larger pool of heroes, such as Godiva playing Kadita as a tank, and even High, who is a jungler, plays tank heroes such as Uranus and Baxia in the jungle.

These new playstyles are rarely seen in the competitive scene of the MPL. Usually teams stick to the meta and only switch up heroes when needed. It was the first time we saw Uranus and Baxia as a jungler, and they even managed to win the game!

A season to learn for Rebellion Genflix

As a newcomer, Rebellion Genflix has a lot to learn in their first season at MPL. Fighting against the best of the best must have been hard for them, but the good side is they must surely learn a lot from it. Yes, experience is the best teacher. And that’s what they’re getting this season as preparation for next season.

Filled with all fresh players to replace Aerowolf, Rebellion Genflix has replaced Aura in the bottom standings. Who knows, next season, they might qualify for the playoffs and even get top 5 or top 3.

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