After the inaugural Horizon Cup just a couple of months back, Wild Rift kicks off 2022 with the commitment to do more for the esports scene. With Elemental Dragons and a slew of Champions joining the fray, Wild Rift’s esports scene is about to experience some Avatar-level shifts in the meta.

What better way to enjoy the best of the best compete within these changes than the recently announced Icons Global Championship (IGC) which will be happening in Summer 2022 in Europe.

SEA’s Road to Icons

But let’s not jump the gun here. Let’s take it step by step. First, teams will compete in their respective sub-region Wild Rift Champions SEA (WCS) tournament. These will take place from 25 Feb – 27 Mar.

  • WCS Masters (Taiwan & Hong Kong)
  • WCS MYSG (Malaysia & Singapore) 
  • WCS ID (Indonesia)
  • WCS PH (The Philippines)
  • WCS TH (Thailand)
  • WCS VN (Vietnam)

Each sub-region will then join OCE to face-off in the WCS Playoffs from 1 – 10 Apr. This will determine the teams that will eventually fly to Europe for the IGC.

Regional Roads to Icons

Alongside SEA’s WCS, other regions will also compete in their respective regions to clash in the IGC. 

  • WRL (China)
  • WCK (South Korea)
  • WJC (Japan)
  • WBR (Brazil)
  • WOL (Latin America)
  • WNS (North America)
  • WEC (Europe)

If the Horizon Cup was of any indication, SEA will have their work cut out for them if they wish to stand any chance at catching up with the Chinese and Korean teams.

With news breaking that the Reigning Horizon Cup Champions Da Kun Gaming recently got relegated into Div 2. It seems like teams in China are, in fact, leveling up. Hopefully teams will take cues from Team Secret and start communicating a little more, hopefully in person.

Expect 24 of the best teams in the world to clash in Europe this Summer and while we wait and anticipate more details of the upcoming competition, we know one thing for certain. It is going to be WILD.

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