If the constant blasting of Chinese New Year (CNY) music in public spaces hasn’t told you already, the Year of the Tiger is here! Sorry gamers, time to log off and visit relatives (or not, COVID-19’s STILL a thing.) 

Here are some CNY gaming memes to laugh at when you need an escape from all your relatives’ incessant questioning. Gong Xi Fa Cai! 

  1. Here we go again
Credit/inspiration: Reddit

Don’t forget Halloween before Christmas! Game developers seem to really have a hard time these few months… 

  1. Money well-spent

No money for CNY cosmetics? No problem, just use your red packet money! Now THAT’S stonks. However, with COVID-19 restrictions disrupting CNY visiting, you’ll probably get fewer red packets than usual. Reason #1727628 to hate COVID-19.

  1. A purrfect match

Who knew Genji and Ezreal would have so much in common? But…we can’t help but wonder: Does Ezreal need healing? 

  1. Day 88: They still don’t notice

Ah, CNY…a time when the whole family enjoys Chinese movies and TV shows together while feasting on goodies. Yanxi Palace, who? We only know Merxi Palace.

  1. Protected by mom

Confidence level when playing alone: Zero.

Confidence level when playing with a carry/smurf: 88888888!

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