It’s only midway through January and Riot is already treating us well with the release of two new characters: Neon from Valorant and Zeri from League of Legends (LOL). Even better, Neon is canonically Filipino, a huge win for Southeast Asian gamers! 

But we, like the rest of the internet, are seeing double – Neon and Zeri are practically the same person. Case in point: They are voiced by the same Filipino voice actress, have very similar abilities and look basically identical. We can’t help but think that Riot is trying to hint at something…a Riot multiverse, perhaps? It won’t be too far-fetched, since crossovers between both games have happened and Valorant’s storyline literally revolves around a second Earth from another universe. 

Alright, that’s enough speculation. This Meme Monday, we bring you PROOF of the Riot-Verse. Well, kinda. 

Things just got out of hand

Love em’ or hate em’, you have to give props to Riot for releasing Zeri and Neon at the height of Marvel’s multiverse mania. Leave the complicated, explaining-the-multiverse part to another company and when everyone’s familiar with the concept, hint at your own multiverse and get eyeballs. Smart move, Riot, smart move. 

In another, another universe…

Let’s see: Blue-haired? Check. Distinctive, spikey features? Check. Gotta go fast? Check. Yep, Sanic is definitely Neon from another universe – her variant, if you will. 

Mandatory Spider-Man pointing fingers meme

Sometimes, memes just make themselves. Seeing both Neon and Zeri pointing their fingers so much, one really can’t help but think of the iconic doppelganger meme. Add in context of the Spider-Verse and you can tell that the stars have truly aligned. 

Mirror’s Edge but make it League 

A dweller of Zaun, of course Zeri is a master of parkour, having to navigate the messy streets and alleyways. I guess in every iteration, Zeri/Neon will always be the athletes of their respective games. 

I am speed

I remember my first game of Valorant after three years as an Overwatch player, in which I failed miserably to hit targets after attempting to run and gun the whole game. To this day, I still struggle to stand still and shoot. While Neon technically isn’t a run and gun agent, her abilities will certainly shape the meta. Radiant, here I come! 

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