Say goodbye to toxicity! The President of Indonesia Esports Association (IeSPA), Ibnu Riza, recently uploaded a picture of himself shaking hands with the representative of Indonesia cyber security division, Siber Polda Metro Jaya, to fight toxicity and provocation in esports together.

Source: Instagram Ibnu Riza

As we all know, the esports community in Indonesia is one of the biggest in Southeast Asia, and some even say the world. However, Indonesia’s gaming community is also known for their online toxicity. So much so that there are memes created regarding this.

Source: 9GAG

Indonesia’s esports community might have made their biggest step in fighting this. In a recent interview with esports media, Ibnu Riza said “(We will take action on) comments that are too rude and demeaning professional players or streamers. When professional players or streamers are disturbed with those comments, we will take action.”

This action will not take the sides of professional players or streamers either. They too, can get punished for toxic behaviour.

“If a person feels disrespected, harmed or defamed even if it’s by an oral or verbal action, we will help to take legal action. One thing is for sure, there must be evidence that meet the requirements of applicable law,” added Ibnu.

Source: EVOS Caramel Instagram

Indonesia’s esports netizens have to admit that they are not friendly when it comes to their team or player losing. The image above quotes “No wonder EVOS Ladies played really bad, turns out you play with clowns also”. This was a private message sent by a netizen to one of the best ladies esports players in Indonesia, EVOS Caramel.

This move against toxicity is a welcome change in light of the suspended Instagram accounts due to massive amounts of reports on those accounts. As of yet, we still don’t know who the mastermind is. We can only hope that this big step is going to change the stigma on Indonesia’s esports community.

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