It’s amazing what content creators and meme-makers can create from a simple 40-second trailer. This time, people just can’t stop talking about Ryu, Luke and… the new Street Fighter logo.

They added a Bulge

Credit: @adamtotscomix

Thirsty men and women unite. With a new fighting engine comes extreme realism. If that means adding polygons for genitalia, it appears Capcom has no qualms doing so. But please people, keep it it your pants… or Ryu’s.

Ryu or Goro Daimon?

Credit: Feetfish

I’m just saying we haven’t seen Ryu and Daimon in the same room before. And since Daimon isn’t making an appearance in KOF XV, things are getting a little more sus than anticipated.

That Smile…. That Damned Smile

Credit: Big Kahuna Banana

In this case, it seems more cursed than anything. One can only hope Capcom perhaps fixes Luke before the game launches. Smile for the camera, Luke.

Chad Ryu has arrived

Credit: yakotrick

Many were quick to compare Ryu to Chad. And we can see why. To us, Ryu will always be the OG Chad. His name translates literally to “Dragon” too, so why wouldn’t he be a Chad?

Adding Chonk to the Chad

Credit: Kermittend

Many may consider Ryu to be a little chonky than previous. But I wholeheartedly disagree. Adding a little chonk to Ryu shows a little more growth in addition the that beard of his. While it would be blasphemy to change Ryu’s Shotokan move-set, it would be remiss to upgrade or add to his move-set a little in SF6 as well.

Ah yes, Consistency

Devs probably: Let’s rebrand while we’re at it. Surely nothing could go wrong.

Tell that to the thousands of comments on reddit saying otherwise. 

Street Fighter 6 is going to be heavily scrutinized in the months to come. And if only a 40-second trailer can cause such a ruckus, let us hope they don’t make a single misstep soon.

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