It’s been a few weeks since the release of Valorant’s newest agent, Neon, and she’s been a blast to play with (and against.) Naturally, a character as fun as Neon will breed memes equally as electrifying. Here are some Neon memes that are guaranteed to strike your funny bone.

New agent: Fluorescent 

Yep, code names can be confusing. Why Neon, though? Why not something electricity or speed related, like Zoom? Oh yeah, copyright. Alright, Neon it is, then. 

Pre-battle routine

You can always count on Neon to remind you to stretch before exercising (or before heading into a gunfight, you do you.) It seems that with every new agent comes a more intricate and creative agent select animation, and we are all for it! Meanwhile, Sage just…twirls an ice ball.


Now that Neon’s in the roster, Jett mains aren’t the only speedsters in town. While they’re busy debating over who’s better, Neon mains are only focusing on one thing: pressing E.

*Spams right click* 

Credit: Reddit

As an (aspiring) Neon main, I too, am guilty of sliding my way blissfully around spawn before each round starts. I may or may not get too carried away sometimes, forgetting to buy guns, abilities and a shield and may sometimes be unaware that the round has started, proceeding to cause my team to lose the round and eventually the game. May OR may not. 

So THAT’S how she does it!

Lore-wise, Neon can run and slide with amazing speed because she’s a Radiant – a person with superhuman abilities and special powers. However, I believe we ALL know the truth now…Heelys. 

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