MPL ID S9 Viewership: Double the views!

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MPL ID S9 kicked off last week and we are thrilled at how the viewership is going. There were players going to MDL and new players coming into MPL. Personally, I didn’t think that the viewership would be as high since the opening match was the exact same as MPL S8!

But, I was proven oh so wrong. The viewership of the opening match of MPL ID S9 is double of S8’s!

Credit : MLBB Official Youtube 

The picture above shows that the opening match of MPL ID S8 is viewed 1.3m times UNTIL NOW.

Credit: MLBB Official Youtube

And this is the viewership of the opening match of MPL ID S9 last week. It hits 2.4m views in a week! Unbelievable!

While it goes without saying that the team competing in the opening was of course becoming one of the factors viewers watched the match, however if it’s the same teams as last season, we can’t help but wonder if it is the teams, players, or MPL ID just getting better and better.

The teams

Geekfam, RRQ, Rebellion Genflix (RBL) , and Bigetron (BTR). Those are the teams competing on the opening day. Those 4 teams changed their roster for this season and maybe that made viewers curious to watch them in action on the first day. Geekfam, who was placed 7th in S8, had to face RRQ, a favorite team to win MPL each season. This, on paper, favors RRQ to win. And yes, RRQ won the game 2-0. So, no big surprise.

The RBL and BTR match attracted more viewers. RBL, who placed last in S8 managed to secure one point in the game. Although they didn’t win the match, securing 1 point in the MPL is important because it counts in the standings. 

The players

Those 4 teams changed their main roster. Geekfam only kept 2 players from last season, Bigetron played the twins (Matt and Maxx) in their roster, RBL switched some players, and RRQ finally included Lemon, their legendary player in the roster.

Fans of course wanted to see Lemon and his crazy macro skills on the game, but it turns out RRQ benched him. 

One thing is for sure, numbers don’t lie. So, it is just the beginning and we have already seen double viewership for last season. We can only anticipate more matches to come!

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