Credit: MDL Indonesia

In case you haven’t heard yet, Indonesia now has 2 tiers in their Mobile Legends tournament. The first tier is the infamous MPL ID. The second is the newly christened MDL, abbreviation of Mobile Legends Development League. The MDL was created to breed new young talents from across Indonesia. Kicking off first in April 2020, the MDL is no longer a tier 2 anymore.

If you look at the names in the list of teams, you will be just as surprised as us. More than 50% of the teams participating in the MDL have previous MPL players in it.

Here are the list of MPL players who will be playing in the MDL this season:

  • EVOS Icon: LJ & Wannn
  • RRQ Sena: Taka
  • Aura Esports: Variety
  • Geng Kapak: Watt, Rinazmi, Kido dan Fredoqt
  • Bigetron Beta: Barbossa
  • Geek Fam Jr: Hanz
  • ONIC Prodigy: Maipan
  • Alter Ego X: Ahmad, LeoMurphy, dan Marz
  • PABZ Esports: Bravo

If you haven’t heard of LJ, Wann, Watt, Ahmad, Leomurphy, you might have been living in a cave this whole time. They were top players in the MPL. LJ has won MPL 4 times, more than anybody else in the country. Wannn was EVOS’ key player when clinching 2 big trophies, M1 and MPL Season 4, an unforgettable run.

Credit: EVOS Wannn

There’re also 2 Alter Ego MPL players who will play in their MDL team this season. Ahmad and Leomurphy. Ahmad is Indonesia’s top side laner and Leomurphy is top tanker in Indonesia. They were Alter Ego’s strength at the M2 World Championship and MPL Season 8. 

Credit: Indoesports

As for the rest of the list, you can see ex Aerowolf Genflix, who has now rebranded to Rebellion Genflix joining Geng Kapak. The MDL now feels more competitive with MPL players coming into the competition.

All we can say is this season’s MDL will probably be as thrilling as MPL!

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