Most of the top esports games are about fighting. Whether it’s to use the MP5 to gun down the terrorists in CS:Go, or a Model 680 to pump shells into your opponents in Modern Warzone, a big part of the fun is getting frags and winning the game.

But when these guns are used in real life, it’s deadly serious.

Let’s get it out of the way: War sucks.

Humans are, however, defined by adversity. For all the suffering that is taking place in Ukraine now, people are now banding together to do what they can for the hundreds of thousands of innocent Ukranians caught in the crossfire. 

The esports fraternity, for all its bickering and ugly sniping, has been unified in its response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine for a seemingly false reason.

Ukraine is well represented in esports – some of the top esports players in the world are Ukrainian, such as CS:Go legend Sasha.

And there’s also Natus Vincere, a Ukraine-based professional esports team. They are not shying away from speaking out.

But it’s not just the victims who are rising up. Even Russian esports teams are banding together with their brothers – online. Current Dota 2 TI champions Team Spirit is showing just how champions should behave. They want unity instead of animosity.

For those not involved directly in the conflict, many are offering not just words but deeds.

Team Liquid founder and Co-CEO Victor Gossens is offering a safe haven for players who have been directly affected by the sad tragedy of violence.

Our prayers are with everyone toiling under the senseless and violent tragedy. Let’s hope for frags online and not deaths in real life.

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