Iceiceice to Put Ice on His Dota Career After SMG Fiasco

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The Dota 2 2021/2022 season is undoubtedly one that Daryl “iceiceice” Koh wishes to forget. The Dota veteran was unable to participate in The International 11 due to a series of unfortunate events that have occurred in the last few months.

SMG was unable to register itself for the TI due to an administrative error. That left eggs on the team and it’s clear iceiceice has been burnt badly. 

In a recent Twitch livestream session , he said that he intended to take an extended break from professional Dota competition.

“After what happened in SMG I was like, I want to take a break. I want to take a longer break so that I could figure out what I want to do,” said Ice in his Twitch livestream. He expressed interest in playing games other than Dota while enjoying a more relaxed life in Singapore.

After his contract with SMG, Ice is currently a free agent. He admitted that what happened between him and SMG was an unpleasant one.

SMG has become a bit of a meme when they failed to register their players for the TI 11 qualifier. As a consequence of their negligence, SMG ended the competitive season early by not participating in the qualifier. This issue, however, did not dampen Ice’s enthusiasm for creating content about TI 11 in Singapore.

So far, Ice has remained silent on his professional future. Some viewers on his Twitch channel were guessing that what had happened in the last month caused him to lose his passion. 

We can only hope that this is not what ice had in his mind as we’d like to see more of this former professional Starcraft player action any time soon.

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