Xepher Explains Why He’ll Pick Europe Over SEA

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It’s no secret that professional Dota 2 organisations and players are currently in the process of preparing for the forthcoming competitive season. As usual, we can expect teams and players to go their separate ways during this transfer window. And T1 is no exception to that.

Following their dismal performance in the Last Chance Qualifier round for The International 11 last month, T1’s administration has decided to restructure their lineup. Gradually, the coach and players have left the camp and are currently looking for new opportunities ahead of 2022-2023 season, including one of their stars, Kenny “Xepher” Deo.

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T1’s support is officially becoming a free agent in November. To fill his spare time, Xepher often hosts Q&A during his livestreaming session on his Indonesian-language YouTube channel, Xepherdotes.

Given his status as an international player, the news of his departure from T1 naturally generated plenty of buzz, especially among his Indonesian fans. Several intriguing questions surfaced in the comments section, including inquiries about his future and the possibility of him playing in an all Indonesian team.

“No more Whitemon and Kenny? I feel that your greatest moment could only last for, perhaps, a year. Which one ever did a great job playing together after more than a year?” said Xepher on his livestream. He argued that players can play better only when they decide to part ways after one competitive season.

He used the example of how Nigma Galaxy players, who split up after a year together, were doing well with their respective new teams. He said that the only exception to this was OG, who grew stronger after two to three years of being together.

Xepher then responded to another question about whether he willl play in another SEA team or seek opportunities elsewhere, like Europe or North America. Should the opportunity arise, Xepher stated that he will go to Europe without hesitation. He would also favour any offer from a North American team over one from SEA, as he believes that the level of competition in the Asean region is stagnating.

“I would like to play for another SEA team, but only with certain names,” said Xepher. However, he confessed that he has no interest in playing for a SEA team that is entirely made up of Indonesian players. He expressed his desire to explore new possibilities and experiences, something that seems impossible to get if he stays in Indonesia. As one the first Indonesian players in TI competition, it’s definitely nice to hear that he aims for a higher standard and is willing to learn and develop his game outside his comfort zone. 

Not the last man to call it quits 

Xepher won’t be the only T1 player to depart in  November. Matthew “Whitemon” Filemon, his Indonesian partner, has recently taken to his Facebook page to announce that he is looking for a new team.

So far there has been no update on which team or teams Xepher and Whitemon will go to. However, it’s unlikely that the two will play together again, given what Xepher said on his livestream.

Their departure means that ana and Topson are currently the only players left in T1. Many predict that the future T1 team will be built around the back-to-back champions. It will be intriguing to see if they can fully capitalize on this season’s transfer window to reclaim their SEA dominance.

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