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No better way to enter the esports scene with ELEVATE’21

At Ulti.Asia, we don’t beat around the bush. Yes, this is an ad, but it’s a good one. Especially if you’re looking to enter the esports industry as a caster or someone in the line of event production.

MPL ID S8: Will Alter Ego claim their first crown? Or will the EVOS...

After 2 long months of regular season, ONIC has emerged at the top of MPL ID S8. The Playoffs will finally commence on 21st October 2021 in Bali. Teams will compete against each other in the most hype MPL to date.

Fines, bans on Nexplay Evos and Smart Omega for throwing matches in Week 7...

Two top Philippine Mobile Legends Bang Bang Professional League teams have been fined after they were found to have displayed unsporting conduct, which took place in the first two games of their match in Week 7 Day 3. MPL Philippines fined both Nexplay EVOS and Smart Omega US$3,000 each after a quick investigation of a series between both teams.

EVOS’s Soul says it’s time to let go

Yes, you read that right. Stefan “Soul” Chong, 26, former team captain of EVOS SG, is trusting the team enough to take the wheel...and quite possibly for good. Soul has been EVOS SG’s team manager and Business Development Lead for over a year now, initially taking up the role in February 2020. However, finding it hard to let go, he intervened to help his teammates during the Playoffs last season.

MPH PL to investigate unusual match between Nexplay EVOS and Smart Omega

The last series of Week 7 in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Philippines Season 8 (MPL PH S8) has thrown its fans for a loop after two of the top teams exhibited some fishy behaviour.

Meme Monday: Hilariously Funny or Disappointing Painful? We reminisce the game glitches of old...

Game glitches, we all seen ‘em. Some more than others, like Konami’s eFootball PES2022. It was to be the company’s grand return after a year-long hiatus. Unfortunately for Konami, eFootball 2022 was met with a barrage of abysmal reviews and criticisms. 

DetonatioN FocusMe ascends as the first LJL team in history to qualify for Worlds...

https://youtu.be/cw7pQG1rt88 Rewatch this historic moment as DetonatioN FocusMe (DFM) dominated both the League of Legends Japan League (LJL) and the Worlds 2021 Play-In stage. The...

Four Days to Log In: New World, Old Problems for Amazon’s New MMORPG

It has been just over a week since Amazon’s latest plunge into the gaming market, New World, was released on September 28. The highly anticipated MMORPG (massively multiplayer online roleplaying game) came after months of delays, exclusively to PC (Sorry not sorry, console users).

EXCLUSIVE: Team Flash founder Terence Ting hits million dollar jackpot with NFTs

It took a couple of years for Team Flash founder Terence Ting to turn his esports team into a million dollar business.

League of Legends’ new Netflix series, Arcane. Will it be a WIN or a...

After 11 years since the game’s first launch, League of Legends will now have its very own Netflix series.  Set to release on 6 Nov...

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