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5 Jellylicious facts about Candy Crush Saga you probably didn’t know

News about Activision Blizzard, the company that was recently bought by Microsoft, has been making rounds as of late. While everyone is familiar with the likes of successful games such as World of Warcraft, Overwatch and Call of Duty, not many know that Blizzard is also the creator of the world’s most famous game: Candy Crush Saga.

Will MDL Indonesia get some recognition after MPL players come in?

In case you haven't heard yet, Indonesia now has 2 tiers in their Mobile Legends tournament. The first tier is the infamous MPL ID. The second is the newly christened MDL, abbreviation of Mobile Legends Development League. The MDL was created to breed new young talents from across Indonesia. Kicking off first in April 2020, the MDL is no longer a tier 2 anymore.

Elden Ring is coming! Here’s what you should expect

With 2020 taking a real toll on us and 2021 being no better, we think it’s time for a change of pace. That’s where we think Elden Ring can fill the gap. After its E3 2019 reveal, not much else was said and revealed about the Souls-like game as developer FromSoftware continued working on it behind closed doors. Well, the wait is over and the game is making its way to our screens just two weeks from now!

[VCS] After Winter, Teams on Fire and Teams to Fire

Unfortunate circumstances caused the Vietnamese Championship Series Summer 2021 to be postponed to Winter. While we never got to see these teams play on the international stage, it was still a fun watch nonetheless. 

Meme Monday: Lighten(ing) your mood with these Neon memes

It’s been a few weeks since the release of Valorant’s newest agent, Neon, and she’s been a blast to play with (and against.) Naturally, a character as fun as Neon will breed memes equally as electrifying. Here are some Neon memes that are guaranteed to strike your funny bone.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus. Time well spent? Or a waste of Space?

We were all hopeful, even made a wishlist of sorts. But did GameFreak reinvent the wheel or did Pokémon Legends: Arceus fall flat?

The DPC 2021-2022 Regional Finals are back on and so are our rankings!

After some consideration (and a bit of fan pushback), Valve has brought back the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) 2021-2022 Regional Finals! However, with the Omicron variant lingering, the DPC 2021-2022 season will look slightly different. These changes will trickle down into the lead up to The International 11 (TI11), but they’re happening nonetheless.

Things are heating up between Microsoft, Nvidia and Stadia

With technological advancements on the rise, video streaming services have no doubt been on a roll due to a multitude of factors. Convenient, scalable and personalised, it is easy to see why many are dropping cable TV subscriptions and instead looking towards video streaming services such as Netflix.  As such, it probably comes as little to no surprise that streaming services have now further extended to game streaming services, especially with esports and the gaming community surging in popularity. The trend of people shifting to mobile platforms is also becoming increasingly widespread, with how easily accessible streaming can be.

Meme Monday: Gamers, roar with laughter with these Chinese New Year memes

If the constant blasting of Chinese New Year (CNY) music in public spaces hasn’t told you already, the Year of the Tiger is here! Sorry gamers, time to log off and visit relatives (or not, COVID-19’s STILL a thing.) Here are some CNY gaming memes to laugh at when you need an escape from all your relatives’ incessant questioning. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Quincy Crew in TI: “Anything can happen, it’s all about keeping our head down...

The International (TI) 11 is taking place in September 2022, about eight months from now. With a prize pool of approximately USD$45,000,000 and a good add of status to player names, it’s no wonder every team is scrambling to climb the ranks and qualify for the major tournament.

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