Want to play all LoL heroes without grinding? Try XBox Game Pass

Riot Games and Microsoft have announced a partnership that brings Riot’s biggest games – such as League of Legends and Valorant – to the Xbox Game Pass subscription service in January 2023.

Split to Return in Valorant Competitive Update While Two Favorites Will be Removed

One of the classic maps in Valorant will return after being away from competitive since June. Split will be officially reopened in January 2023...

VALORANT: Going cross-platform

It is no surprise that VALORANT is coming to mobile and players are anxiously awaiting its release. What is surprising is that Riot Games is allegedly also working on bringing the popular first-person shooter game to consoles.

Shopify Rebels Without a Cause

Shopify Rebellion has had a pretty eventful Valorant Game Changers Championship. From beating rival team Cloud9 White, their coach getting suspended shortly after and their ultimate loss to G2 Gozen, there’s a lot to keep track of. Let’s break it down.

Valorant India Invitational 2022: a Challenging Preseason Awaits

The Valorant India Invitational 2022 (VII) Tournament will kickstart on November 18th. Eight teams will compete in a LAN tournament for a prize pool...

Valorant Premier, A Way Into the Big Leagues

If you’ve ever wanted to break into the world of professional Valorant, this might just be your time to shine. An all-new Valorant tournament mode is currently in the works. Named Valorant Premier, this experimental feature will allow players to get a taste of the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) Champions circuit. This feature will give amateur teams the opportunity to fight on the professional playing field.

Team RRQ = Team Philippines?

On Sunday, Team RRQ surprised the Valorant esports scene in Indonesia by unveiling their newest Valorant lineup. The RRQ Team's social media accounts announced that...

Meme Monday: Lighten(ing) your mood with these Neon memes

It’s been a few weeks since the release of Valorant’s newest agent, Neon, and she’s been a blast to play with (and against.) Naturally, a character as fun as Neon will breed memes equally as electrifying. Here are some Neon memes that are guaranteed to strike your funny bone.

Meme Monday: You’ve seen the Spider-Verse, now get ready for the Riot-Verse

It’s only midway through January and Riot is already treating us well with the release of two new characters: Neon from Valorant and Zeri from League of Legends (LOL). Even better, Neon is canonically Filipino, a huge win for Southeast Asian gamers! But we, like the rest of the internet, are seeing double – Neon and Zeri are practically the same person. Case in point: They are voiced by the same Filipino voice actress, have very similar abilities and look basically identical. We can’t help but think that Riot is trying to hint at something…a Riot multiverse, perhaps? It won’t be too far-fetched, since crossovers between both games have happened and Valorant’s storyline literally revolves around a second Earth from another universe. Alright, that’s enough speculation. This Meme Monday, we bring you PROOF of the Riot-Verse. Well, kinda.

Behold the multiverse theory! Neon and Zeri: one and the same?

The term ‘multiverse’ has been thrown left and right a lot lately. It’s been the talk of the town. While most have heard about this from the ever-growing Marvel franchise, gamers have noticed a similar happening in the esports scene.


The Mighties Have Fallen: The Biggest Losers from Dota Pro Circuit Winter Tour 2023 

The Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) Division 1 competition for...

Evos Legends Announces New 2023 Lineup: Is It Time for Zeys to Start Anew? 

Zeys no more. The recent news about Bjorn "Zeys" Ong's...

Former Boss of Evos Takes a Swipe at His Ol Team, Implying a Dispute

Since leaving Evos in January 2022, the former CEO...

R7 Takes a Long Break From MLBB Competitions Due to Health Condition

After months of waiting, the RRQ team finally made...

MidOne: I want to build a championship winning team

For many gamers, gaming is just a hobby to be played for fun. But for the pros, it’s more than just a game - it's a career, a job, and a passion. Just ask Team SMG’s captain Yeik "MidOne" Nai Zheng.