Lima Major 2023 Day 2: Talon and Gaimin Gladiator Still Strong, Team Liquid Takes the Top

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As the matchday two of Dota 2 Lima Major 2023 came to an end this morning, the results were largely unchanged from the matchday one. Talon Esports and Geek Slate keep the Southeast Asia’s pride alive as they enjoyed the top four in their respective groups. Meanwhile, some of the favorites were showing signs of improvement today.

Talon Esports played another impressive games in Group A as they showed their strong determination since day one against two heavyweight names this morning: Evil Geniuses and TSM.

In game one against EG, they were struggling to stop Pakazs, who dominated the map with Lina during the first round. Learning from their mistake, Talon banned Lina and decided to go with Nature’s Prophet – Zeus combo for Jabz and Mikoto. And the draft pick was highly effective. Jabz and Mikoto, who were silenced in the first round, turned into monsters in the second round. Talon eventually wrapped it up in just 26 minutes and equalized.

The Jabz and Mikoto Show continued when they faced the DPC NA champion, TSM, in the second game. Facing his team-mates from the Indonesian national team, Mikoto clearly knew how to close down Whitemon, who is considered as the brain of TSM. Conclusively, Talon defeated TSM with a score of 2-0.

Talon moved up to second place in Group A after another draw and a win on matchday two. They are currently only one point behind one of the favorites, Gaimin Gladiator. The European gladiators lead Group A this morning following a clean sheet against Ehome and The International 2022 champion, Tundra.

In group B, Team Liquid also got a clean sheet in the matchday two as they steamrolled Knights and dethroned Entity from the top spot with 2-0 victories, thanks to Nisha who turned in a feisty performance this morning. At the moment, Entity, who sits on third, is just two points ahead of the fourth-place Geek Slate in Group B, who gained another two points by defeating Knights this morning.

Things have been good for Geek so far, with one loss and two wins. However, the real test is yet to begin as they will be facing an uphill battle against rising star of NA DPC, Shopify Rebellion, and Team Liquid tonight, at 11 pm SGT.

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