Indonesia Enjoy a Glorious Victory in the IESF WEC 2022

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The International Esports Festival held by the International Esports Federation (IESF) has ended. Taking place at Hotel Merusaka, the tournament entitled World Esports Championship (WEC) 2022 concluded with an energetic performance from DJ Soda on Sunday, December 11 2022.

As the host nation, Indonesian representatives faced 105 other nations with considerable significance. Even though they were handicapped by a number of issues prior to the start of the IESF WEC Bali, they were able to overcome them and seized the titles in a number of games.

Elga Cahya Putra was able to claim the gold medal in the Efootball 23 competition after defeating Kingpes 10, the representative of Argentina, with final score of 3-0. From the beginning of this competition, the FC Borneo esports player was one of the favorites among them.

Kingpes’s victory over Turkey, which represented by Mucahit Sevimli, and Spain, represented by former PES world champion Alex Alguacil, was considered by spectators as somewhat surprising. Elgacor’s FC Bayern Munich, however, proved too much to handle.

Elga Cahya (left). Image via Garudaku

Indonesia emerged as the unexpected winner in the other two games. Mikoto and friends won the Dota 2 IESF 2022 grand final, overturning a 3-2 loss against the Philippines national team.

Indonesia’s Dota National Team. Courtesy of ulti.asia

Even though they defeated the Indonesian national team in the upper bracket and became one of the top seeds, the Philippines national team failed to predict the change in strategy that the combination Dreamocel and Mikoto utilized in their final games. The Talon Esports team’s carry was named as the MVP of the grand final due to his amazing performance.

Same story occured in MLBB grand final. Indonesia national team, represented by Evos, faced an uphill task against the Philippines national team, which mostly consisted of Blacklist International players. In a shocking turn of events, Evos, who finished seventh in MPL Indonesia last season, defeated the M3 winner in a 3-0 sweep.

courtesy of ulti.asia

However, Indonesia has not been able to meet its goal of winning at least four titles at the IESF WEC 2022.

The Indonesian PUBGM and CS GO national teams had to settle for the fifth place, where the championship titles were taken respectively by Kazakhstan and North Macedonia national teams. In Tekken 7, Indonesia lost against the South Korean national team in the Losers Round 2. The Indonesian female CS GO national team, on the other hand, put up a good show as they managed to finish in the third place.

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