A Night of Historical Victory for Turkish Underdog at PMGC 2022 Grand Finals

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The PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2022 grand final round concluded on Sunday, January 8. The most awaited PUBGM competition was finally held offline at Jiexpo in North Jakarta, after being played online due to the pandemic last year.

The grand tournament that PUBGM fans all over the world have been waiting for was filled with excitement and surprises. As the host country, superstars from several Indonesian teams came to enliven the entertainment session at this tournament.

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The young twins duo – Made “Luxxy” Prabaswara and Made “Zuxxy” Pramudita – who are widely known as 2019 PUBGM global champions, appeared as guest stars on January 7. Meanwhile, their partner who is currently on a competitive break, Muhammad “Ryzen” Albi, arrived yesterday.

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And it was truly a joy to behold as Ryzen was joined by his former Bigetron teammate, Nizar “Microboy” Lugatio, who currently plays for Evos. This moment definitely reignited the rumors of Microboy’s reunion with Bigetron RA.

Their appearance, however, was not the only surprise on that night.

Brazil dominated but Turkey had the last laugh

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With a large number of slots allocated for Southeast Asian countries and the return of East Asian teams to offline play, many expected Thailand and China to compete for the top four positions in this grand finals.

But the dark horses ruled. The biggest surprises came from teams outside Asia in this competition. And the teams from Brazil and Turkey stood out for their performance, especially Inco Gaming and Alpha7 from Brazil, which have stood firmly in the top positions since day one.

The other teams appeared to have difficulty penetrating the tactics of the two teams, who were employing an exceptional defensive plans.

Even though teams like Alter Ego, Nova, and Vampire Esports, took turns on WWCD, Inco and Alpha7’s stability have not been shaken.

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These two Brazilian teams’ fantastic form lasted until the second day, even when the other teams started to flank them aggressively from all sides. Strategic mastery of compounds was the key for them to stay in the top position.

But out of nowhere, the S2G Esports, which was sluggish on the first day, suddenly rose to the top standings and earned consistent kills on the second day. The Turkey-based team, who finished fifth on matchday one, crawled into second on matchday two.

Seeing that the Turkish team might endanger their spots, the Brazilian teams began to show their offensive games on the final day. Nonetheless, Sylas and friends finally showed their true colors. On matchday three, S2G satiated their hunger and played like a different team.

Geek Fam, Vampire Esports, 4AM, and DRS increased their intensity on the last four games and attempted to thwart S2G from their top spot, but they were too late.

courtesy of ulti.asia

While S2G failed to get the last piece of chicken dinner in the final game, the 30-point gap from first place ensured that no team would be able to overtake their position, no matter the outcome.

S2G made history by becoming the first Turkish team to win the PMGC competition and the $400,000 grand prize. This, of course, will be a great accomplishment to wear as a host team when PMGC 2023 starts in Turkey next year.

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