Former Boss of Evos Takes a Swipe at His Ol Team, Implying a Dispute

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Since leaving Evos in January 2022, the former CEO of the esports team Ivan Yeo has been busy cooking up with Avium, a new web3-based project, which has been billed as a new solution to develop a sustainable ecosystem for the future of blockchain gaming and esports.

screen cap via Gen.T (youtube)

But it’s not just the new that he has been getting into. Ivan also wants to settle a few scores in his old stomping ground. Ivan is behind a new esports brand called Slate. It didn’t take long for him to seal the deal with one of Southeast Asia’s esports giants, Geek Fam, and merged them as the new Geek Slate. This team will take part in Dota Pro Circuit Southeast Asia, MPL, and PMPL Indonesia 2023.

But here’s the juicy part – he is taking aim at Evos, the team he helmed successfully over several years.

screen capture via avium.kongzz (Instagram)

On Thursday night, the former CEO of Evos posted an Instagram story, implying that there was a dispute when he left the blue tiger team around January 2022. Prior to this, it was stated that Ivan had resigned from his post as CEO due to his health issue. His Instagram statement, however, suggests that there is more behind his resignation.

Evos has not yet responded to Ivan’s statement.

With the substantial funding that they secured last year, amounted to more than 2 Million USD, it would be interesting to see what innovations that Ivan Yao has prepared to bring Geek Slate to reach new height, compared to his previous achievements with Evos from 2016 to 2022.

Evos is slowly cracking under pressure

Evos, on the other hand, has been suffering after Ivan’s departure as CEO. The team has been wracked by numerous bad news since mid 2022.

It all started with the decline in their performance of their major divisions – MLBB, Free Fire, and PUBGM. The team has also dissolved Evos SG and started on a wave of silent layoffs, which included members of their production team as well as talents.

While Aldean “DeanKT” Tegar has stated that he left Evos because he wanted to spend more time with his family, many have speculated that the real reason he decided to stand down as Vice President of Evos in October 2022 was his loyalty to Ivan Yeo. In addition, Evos Legends coach and MLBB World Championship winner, Bjorn “Zeys” Ong, previously hinted during M4 event that he would consider coaching offers from any MPL team. Ivan had brought Zeys in 2019.

On the bright side, the Indonesian football powerhouse Persija announced its partnership with Evos Reborn two days ago, referred to as Persija Evos for the 2023 PUBGM competitive season. But according to our source, this agreement will only last until the end of 2023, after which Persija is expected to take full ownership of Evos PMPL slot and their lineup.

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