Is It the End of The Game for Evos Esports?

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Evos Lynx, one of Indonesia’s most well-known female Mobile Legends teams, has been officially suspended, confirming rumours that had been floating on social media. 

On Monday (Dec 19), Mohammad “Oner” Fakhreno, the head of Esports for Evos, announced that the Evos Lynx squad will be on indefinite suspension.

And the fate of the blue tiger female MLBB team hasn’t been the only disappointment from the Southeast Asian esports powerhouse, with the team facing a series of setbacks over the year.

Evos dissolved Evos Singapore, their second Mobile Legends team, in July, a surprise given that the team frequently competed in MLBB International championships and won the MPL Singapore twice in 2021.

More recently, Evos’ Free Fire division, Evos Divine, will part ways with two of its key personnel, Regi “MR05” Pratama and the captain, Saeful “SAM13” Muharram, who are expected to leave the competitive scene next year.

Furthermore, Evos Reborn, the PUBGM division, discharged two of its major names yesterday, namely Muhammad “Lapar” Ardiansyah and Alvin “Morpheus”, who joined the team in November. Rumors said that the rising star and veteran analyst already received offers from another teams.

The departures marked a torrid time for Evos, with a spate of poor performances throughout the year

Last season, Evos Divine was unable to maintain its supremacy in the Free Fire Master League Indonesia tournament. They were similarly let down at the subsequent Free Fire Indonesia Masters 2022 Fall. Furthermore, in order to comply with FFML regulations, their second-tier squad, Evos Immortal, will be disbanded.

Evos Reborn dropped dramatically in the PUBGM Pro League Indonesia. Despite finishing second in the Spring 2022 edition, Microboy and friends were unable to make a significant progress in the Fall 2022 season. They were also the first Indonesian team to depart earlier from the PMGC 2022 competition a month ago.

When the news of the Evos company’s silent layoff got public, their internal situation grew even more complicated. According to August reports, Evos have made significant layoffs in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore since last July.

The news about Evos internal state of affairs became even more worrisome when the team’s management quit Evos. One of them was Aldean “DeanKT” Gemilang, the former vice president of Evos who resigned in October.

Sources told Ulti Asia that Evos is facing severe financial difficulties, which has led to a stripping of the key people behind its operations. But Evos has not confirmed the speculation, preferring to focus on the upcoming season.

Even though they are experiencing the same declines like other divisions, their main MLBB division, Evos Legends, are optimistic that they can reverse the bad trend they experienced last season, where they were only one point away from Geek Fam who finished last in the MPL Indonesia Season 10.

Furthermore, the triumph of the Indonesian MLBB national team in the IESF WEC 2022 in Bali last week, represented by Evos players, was a morale boost that is expected to reinvigorate their winning mentality.

image via dailyspin.id

Addressing the future of its players, Evos has indicated that they will continue even if they have to undergo severe restructuring across all divisions.

The upcoming competitions will undoubtedly reveal whether the string of poor performances this year shows a team in transition or a team in decline. 

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