Thailand Supremacy: The Infinity Wins PMPL SEA Fall 2022 

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The PUBG Mobile Pro League Southeast Asia (PMPL SEA) ended on Sunday, October 23. The Infinity from Thailand put in a spectacular performance to win the tournament.

The Infinity’s triumph is a repeat of their success from PMPL SEA Season 3 2021. There has been no change in their lineup prior to this season. The whole team that won Season 3 2021 is still there, with exception of NeAR, who replaced Jazzboy as the coach at the start of fall season.

The Thailand reign supreme

Apart from The Infinity’s outstanding performance, one thing that should be highlighted in this season is how strong Thai teams were in this tournament. 

The Infinity was certainly the champion, with a total score of 243 points and a single chicken dinner in the tournament. But the three Thai teams that finished below them were definitely no slouch.

Buriram United, FaZe Clan, and TEM Entertainment all placed in the top four of this competition. These Thailand fighters, along with The Infinity, showed that their consistency and tactics were a level above their opponents. Only Yoodo (Malaysia) and D’Xavier (Vietnam) came close to the big four in terms of points.

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing for The Infinity in their first day of the grand finals, They did not put up a very convincing performance. Their superstar, nOOzy, wasn’t even as dominant as usual.

On the second day, though, they managed to score a chicken dinner in Sanhok and began to push on. nOOzy capitalized and went on a crazy streak, racking up kill after kill.

The other Thai teams began to follow suit. Gradually, they each demonstrated ruthless predatory strategies as they raced to finish off their rivals. Buriram, Faze, and TEM took turns to be the dominant team during the grand finals runs. But they were no match for nOOzy and his team’s remarkable consistency.

nOOzy incredible achievement was more than enough to dethrone TonyK, the superstar of FaZe, as the MVP in PMPL SEA 2022. It would be exciting to see how the top four Thai teams will fare at the upcoming PMGC.

Indonesia teams are still not at their best

On the other hand, the Indonesian teams who participated in PMPL SEA 2022 were struggling to survive in the face of the fierce competition from Southeast Asian teams who showed superior gameplay.

Genesis Dogma, Alter Ego, Boom Esports, and NFT are still nowhere near the level of excellence that have been displayed by Evos and Bigetron in international competition  in the past years.

Despite the fact that the four of them had astonished the audiences by earning chicken dinners in previous rounds, their performances left a lot to be desired. In contrast to the Thai teams, they appeared indifferent and unwilling to race each other for points.

However, there is still possibility for PMGC in Indonesia. Genesis Dogma finished eighth in this competition, enough to secure a ticket to PMGC 2022. They will join Alter Ego, Evos and Bigetron, who have earned the PMGC tickets earlier through accumulated points earned in previous competitions. 

And, based on their performance in this match, the Indonesian teams are fully aware that they must take advantage of the limited time until the PMGC competition begins in November.

This will undoubtedly be an incredible opportunity for them. With the announcement that Indonesia will be the host of PMGC 2022 Grand Finals in January 2023, it is certainly a matter of pride for these four Indonesian teams to be able to advance further and win the coveted trophy on their own turf.

The PMGC 2022 group stage will begin in November and will conclude in December 2022. The Grand Finals will be held in Indonesia in January 2023. There is no further information regarding the venue and ticket sales for the grand finals at the moment.

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