Growing anticipation for Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile

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The pre-registration for Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile is breaking records and players are receiving rewards for its success.

When pre-registration first opened for Androids in September, Activision Blizzard, announced incentives for different milestones.

The numbers started climbing quickly. So much so that it has become the fastest Activision Blizzard and King game to reach 15 million pre-registrations. And all that before it was even open for IOS users.

It was only after the game crossed the 25 million pre-registrations milestone that it finally was open to IOS users. With the final milestone of the initial release achieved, players unlocked Ghost – Condemned. All players who pre-registered would receive the awards for the milestones reached.

Even though all planned milestones have been achieved and the popularity of the game exceeded expectations, Activision Blizzard have announced a new incentive for when the game surpasses 35 million pre-registers – the release of the classic and iconic map Shoothouse together with the game release in 2023.

Along with the new incentive, the game has also soft launched in Australia. With players all over the world eager to get their hands on the game, many have turned to VPNs to download it.

As expected with a limited release, the game is not perfect but players seem to enjoy it when it runs smoothly.

We can expect the game to fully release in 2023, and we will see then if it performs up to expectations.

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