[VCS] After Winter, Teams on Fire and Teams to Fire

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Unfortunate circumstances caused the Vietnamese Championship Series Summer 2021 to be postponed to Winter. While we never got to see these teams play on the international stage, it was still a fun watch nonetheless. 


Winter champions CERBERUS will look to defend their title for the very first time in Spring 2022. In 2021, people were skeptical of new additions Nguyễn “Pun” Đăng Khoa and Nguyễn “EGO” Khánh Hòa.

While these players had experience in the competitive scene, neither really stood out, grabbing only two MVPs each for the whole of Summer 2020.

League of Legends VCS Winter 2021: CERBERUS Esports win first Major

However, once they joined CERBERUS, they served their roles extremely well and were the ideal supporting cast which allowed superstar Mid Đoàn “Yado” Minh Trung to shine even more.

And while they didn’t manage to perform as well in Spring 2021, when Winter 2021 came, CERBERUS were a different beast – led by the new coaching staff of Raze and Yuna in a meta where ADC Trần “Artemis” Quốc Hưng could finally stretch his skills to the limit.

In a Corki-heavy meta with Aphelios in the meta, expect CERBERUS to style in team fights hard. Perhaps only GAM Esports can go toe to toe with them in this area.

On Fire: GAM Esports

It goes without question; any team that Đỗ “Levi” Duy Khánh is in is guaranteed of a playoff spot in VCS. The superstar Jungler gained a whopping 1,000 MVP Points in Spring 2021 alone. But GAM Esports is more than just Levi.

Levi set to rejoin GAM Esports - Dot Esports

Teammates Kiaya, Bie and Kati all won 4 MVPs in Spring 2021 as well. GAM was just a game short of grabbing back-to-back trophies and are now hungry for that glory once again. If I were CERBERUS, I’d put in those extra hours concocting new strategies.

To Fire: Team Flash

How the mighty have fallen. From Spring 2020 champions to dead last in Winter 2021. Unfortunately, there is not much to say about this team except to expect heavy roster changes if they wish to win more than a single game in the Regular Season.

Kết quả chung kết VCS Mùa Xuân 2020: Team Flash vô địch!

It is, however, safe to say that Team Flash were working with a roster that was new and inefficient due to the delayed Winter season. With the Spring Season so close to the recently-concluded Winter 2021, let us hope they manage to put a semi-decent roster in place to compete for the top spot once again.

They were cheated from an appearance at MSI 2020. Let’s see them earn the right again in 2022!

The VCS Spring 2022 commences 11 Feb 2022.

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