Aura Fire vs RRQ Hoshi MPL ID S11 Week 5 Match Postponed After Audio Malfunction

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The first in MPL ID

A postponement of a game between rivals Aura Fire and RRQ Hoshi has led to growing bad blood between the two Mobile Legends Bang Bang Pro League (MPL)  Indonesia teams.

In the matchday 2 of MPL ID Season 11 week 5, RRQ Hoshi was supposed to have played Aura Fire in a best of three. RRQ were expected to steamroll Aura Fire but instead found themselves being pegged back by Aura’s Facehugger and Van, which led to a 6-16 loss in the 20th minute.

Game 2 was supposed to have started soon after. Instead, after a wait of about two hours, the organisers decided to postpone the entire match instead.

It’s not clear what exactly happened in the interim but the accusations started flying soon after the announcement.

However, the response from the management of the two teams seemed to spark a dispute between the Aura fanbase and the RRQ Kingdom.

The audience and casters in the game between Aura Fire and RRQ Hoshi stated that the second round was halted because the communication device, which was being used by RRQ Hoshi, malfunctioned. This led some to believe that the malfunctioning devices aided the Aura team, who were somehow able to listen in on their opponent’s strategies.

In response, the Aura Fire social media team released a statement stating that RRQ Hoshi chose to ‘walk out’ of the match. They claimed that the MPL ID organisers had repaired their communication gear, but RRQ declined to continue as they thought the reschedule was too late.

RRQ CEO Andrian “AP” Pauline immediately lashed back, alleging that the Aura Fire team had issued misleading clarifications. He claimed that his team had followed the MPL ID organizer’s instructions and agreed to reschedule their next game. 

screen capture via rrq_ap (instagram)

The spat spilled over to the supporters of both teams, with fans calling the other side rather nasty things. 

The organiser has spoken

Eventually, the organiser of MPL ID had to get involved. They issued an official statement on Instagram explaining that the damage was caused by RRQ’s broken audio mixer and there was a misunderstanding between the organiser and Aura Fire regarding the reschedule.

Based on the MPL ID’s decision, the match will be carried out according to the final result, where Aura Fire lead by 1-0. Leaks from Aura’s Kabuki claimed that the postponed match will be held on March 26. Several players from each team have yet to confirm the situation. 

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