Blockbuster MLBB Tournament to Watch in 2024: New Challenges Await

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Yeah, we heard you. It has been a rather eventful opening year for the MLBB competitive scene, with the majority of teams still busy making roster changes and dealing with other developments. After all, last year was nothing short of an amazing rollercoaster ride, where we witnessed some great fights and dramas unfolding day in and day out.

But trust us, it will be worth the wait, as numerous significant MLBB tournaments are set to take place soon, creating a jam-packed schedule.

Now, you might be wondering about the big events. Well, mark your calendars because, for the first time ever, there will be heated battles outside Southeast Asia’s turf, where the ultimate title is often contested. Check out these crucial events that showcase the best of the world’s best!

  • February 26th – March 3rd 2024
  • Russia, Kazan
image via Games of the Future

In a rare occurrence, a colossal prize pool is set to stir the gaming realms of Europe as an MLBB tournament takes center stage. Not surprisingly, the event is igniting fervor among pundits and the global gaming community alike, with a higher prize pool than the M-series adding fuel to the anticipation. Sixteen elite teams will clash in fierce competition, promising a spectacle of skill and strategy.

While the full details remain shrouded in mystery, insights from Onic Esports’ assistant coach Adi “Adi” Asyauri hint at a tournament resembling the recent M5 2023, as familiar faces are flocking in to seize the glory in Russia. Intriguingly, Adi will step into the head coach role for the Yellow Porcupine, taking the reins from Paul “Yeb” Denver, who decided to take a short break in the next month to focus on his family.

MPL ID and MPL PH Season 13 and 14

  • March to May 2024 (ID Season 13 and PH Season 13)
  • August to October 2024 (ID Season 14 and PH Season 14)
Onic Esports
courtesy of Ulti Asia

The titans of the global competitive scene, MPL Indonesia and Philippines, are primed for another season of adrenaline-pumping action. A new year ushers in a heightened level of competition, increased stakes, and the promise of drama. Furthermore, the introduction of the 10-hero ban is expected to push top teams from both regions to craft innovative and bold strategies.

Beyond their eternal rivalry, these regions are renowned for passionate fan bases, aggressive playstyles, and unpredictable outcomes. This time, however, the gaming community believes Indonesia will steal the spotlight, fueled by major teams doubling down on Filipino imports to dethrone the three-peat king, Onic Esports, whose dominance is credited to the strategic prowess of head coach Paul “Yeb” Denver and the nimble prowess of Kairi “Kairi” Rayosdelsol.

Mid Season Cup 2024

  • May/June 2024
  • TBA
image via Moonton

In a surprising move, Southeast Asia bids farewell to its privilege as the home of the coveted MLBB Southeast Asia Cup (MSC). Moonton unveils a rebranded “Mid-Season Cup,” hinting at expansion beyond Southeast Asia, with Saudi Arabia emerging as whispers of its potential debut host.

Despite the change in venue, the tournament promises no shortage of excitement, with major players expected to grace the event. If the rumors hold true, MLBB fans can brace themselves for an unprecedented level of entertainment, drawing from Saudi Arabia’s impressive track record as the host of grand esports events.

ESL Snapdragon Pro Series 2024

  • June 2024
  • TBA
image via ESL

Over the years, the ESL Snapdragon Pro Series has established itself as an interesting platform for rising stars to shine, where semi-pro teams have the possibility to face the top dogs there.

And when it comes to David vs Goliath moments, we can say Pro Series will never run short of these. Last year, Bigetron Alpha surprisingly smashed Echo and AP Bren to reach the grand final, eventually dubbed as the ‘Filipino Killer’. However, the MPL ID’s underdog got outsmarted by Onic Esports’ dynamic duo Kairi and Nicky “Kiboy” Fernando in the ultimate showdown.

M6 Malaysia 2024

  • November to December 2024
  • Malaysia
AP Bren
image via Moonton

In a nod to history, Moonton announces the return of the M6 World Championship to its Malaysian roots, concluding this year’s MLBB competitive circuit. Recalling the epic rivalry between the neighboring country’s teams, Evos Legends and Team RRQ in 2019, expectations run high for Malaysia to deliver another unforgettable gaming spectacle.

Traditionally, home teams have demonstrated impressive records in front of their fans. The transfer news buzzing around MPL Malaysia only fuels anticipation, hinting at an elevated level of competition for Malaysia in this grand finale. Prepare for gaming history to be made in the heart of Malaysia.

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