Learning how to play Estes? OhMyV33NUS gives a few tips.

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang fans, take note! Johnmar “OhMyV33NUS” Villaluna, a professional gamer who plays for the Blacklist International team, has shared some tips and tricks on how to best utilize the hero Estes.

Estes is a support hero with healing abilities in the popular mobile game. His Ultimate ability, “Moonlight Immersion,” can heal all team members and increase their HP regeneration. He also has a unique passive ability, “Mystic Favor,” which increases his HP regeneration and healing effects.

In competitive play, Estes has become a popular hero, especially in the hands of OhMyV33NUS, who has led his team to win championships with the hero.

OhMyV33NUS shared that the key to building Estes is to tailor it to the enemy team’s composition. “Estes’s build depends on the enemy team’s composition. If the enemy has a lot of Magic damage, you need Tough Boots. Whereas when facing a lot of Physical Damage, you must make Warrior Boots,” he said.

Enchanted Talisman is an item that is a must-have for Estes, as it supports all his skills during combat. “Remember to make Enchanted Talisman as the first item because his healing skill requires a lot of Mana,” OhMyV33NUS added.

In addition to Enchanted Talisman, OhMyV33NUS recommends defensive items that also provide cooldown reduction for Estes. “For defensive items, and items with cooldown reduction if you can. Like Immortal, Oracle, and Antique Cuirass, as well as Dominance Ice when needing anti-regeneration,” he explained.

With these tips from a professional player, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang enthusiasts can now take their Estes gameplay to the next level.

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