Yangon Galacticos Out of DPC SEA Closed Qualifier Due to Scripting Allegation

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After one of their players was found guilty of scripting during official matches, Myanmar-based Dota team, Yangon Galacticos, have been disqualified from the Closed Qualifier of the 2023 Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) Southeast Asian regional competition.

In addition to the disqualification, Epulze announced that Yangon Galacticos’ carry, Kaung Sett Hein aka KSH, has been permanently barred from future Epulze tournaments for scripting. Furthermore, the remainder of the Yangon Galacticos lineup are temporarily banned until further notice, as the organizers prepared a more thorough investigation.

According to the match record, KSH was accused of cheating against Spawn team in the final round of the upper bracket. Yangon Galacticos held Spawn to a draw in the second round on Wednesday, but they were unable to duplicate that feat in the third round. Spawn ultimately prevailed by 2-1.

After Yangon Galacticos were disqualified from the Closed Qualifiers, Epulze stated that the Lower Bracket Semi-finals between Team Drink Water and Lilgun would become the Lower Bracket Finals. Drink Water emerged victorious on yesterday’s rounds and earned the last entry to Division II of the DPC 2023 SEA Winter Tour.

Yangon Galacticos later responded to Epulze’s charges via Facebook post, claiming that the organizer had no substantial evidence for the suspension and that they had not been given prior warning.

This is the second time a Southeast Asian team has been eliminated from the DPC SEA closed qualification round. Previously, the Indonesian M11 team was booted for failing to register its official squad before the deadline. The KSH and Yangon Galacticos case, however, is the first scripting charges to appear in SEA’s professional scene.

This is also the third time DPC organizers have banned players for breaking DPCs regulations. PGL permanently banned ten Ukrainian and Russian gamers on Monday due to account sharing and impersonating members of other teams during tournament games.

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