Palworld Fever: More Than Just “Pokemon with Guns”

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Hey, unless you’ve been out of the loop on updating your game catalog lately, there’s no chance you missed on Palworld. It’s totally caught the eye, especially if you’re into Pokémon – you know, that game that clearly inspired this new big thing.

So, how crazy is Palworld getting? Well, in just its first week, it sold a whopping seven million copies, making it one of Steam’s fastest-selling games ever. And get this, it had over two million players online at the same time, and that’s just on Steam, not even counting Microsoft.

And it just keeps on growing week by week! This game’s making waves across tons of fansites. Sure, there’s been some talk about using generative AI and copying gameplay, but hey, it’s definitely sparking conversations everywhere! So what’s the big deal with this game?

The edgy side of Pokemon

Well, when it was introduced in 2021, many basically saw it as a over-the-top ‘Pokemon with guns,’ and honestly, it’s hard to argue otherwise considering how similar the Pals look to the Pokemon we know.

image via Palworld

But here’s where things get interesting: unlike the cheerful vibe of Pokemon, Palworld lets you do some pretty dark stuff. You can exploit and even eat the creatures you capture, which adds a whole controversial twist to the game. Plus, you gotta keep an eye on your Pals’ Sanity meters to make sure they’re alright. And if you’re in a pinch, you can even weaponize your Pals to get through tough spots.

Now, when it comes to fighting, Palworld mixes things up with a blend of real-time action and turn-based strategy. Each Pal comes with a special skill that kicks in under certain conditions, adding some serious strategy to the mix.

But Palworld isn’t just about battles. There’s also exploring, crafting, farming, and building bases. You can basically construct anything you want for your base—walls, floors, doors, even furniture and crafting stations. And you can customize it all however you like, which is pretty neat.

But don’t let all the building distract you. Palworld is ultimately about survival. Sure, catching and raising Pals sounds fun, but you gotta be on top of your game with tools, weapons, and shelter to make it in this world. Building a base isn’t just for looks—it gives you storage, places to craft stuff, and keeps you safe from the elements.

And hey, there are like 137 Pals left to catch! That’s plenty to keep us motivated until the developer decides to add even more!

Problems persist

So, even though Palworld’s got some real potential as a sleeper hit, it’s hitting a few bumps that need sorting, especially for folks playing on consoles instead of PC.

So right now, the Xbox Series X|S is the only console option for Palworld (outside of PC), but even with the latest update dropping today, there are still some pretty serious optimalization issues hanging around.

A bunch of Palworld players are talking about performance problems and bugs that are seriously messing with their gameplay. Like, the frame rate takes a nosedive when there’s too much stuff happening at once, which is a real pain for console players who can’t tweak their systems like PC folks can.

And gameplay-wise, while Palworld’s mix of different game elements helped it blow up fast, it’s kinda lacking in substance for the long haul. If they wanna keep the player base happy, they’re gonna need to spice things up with some fresh content, especially for multiplayer.

But wait, there’s more drama! There’s talk that Nintendo might be eyeing Palworld for potential copyright issues. Nothing’s confirmed yet, but if Nintendo decides to throw down a lawsuit, it could be game over for Palworld and its fans

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