Nexplay Speaks Out About Recent Mismanagement Scandal

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Nexplay, the company accused of mismanaging a gaming bootcamp, said they are looking into complaints raised by a Filipino female pro-gamer.

In a public statement, Nexplay said they are looking into the matter and are replacing the management team involved in the fiasco.

“The management of Nexplay is currently conducting its internal investigation on the matters raised by one of the participants in the recent bootcamp concerning allegations of mismanagement, among others, and is already reaching out to concerned parties,” the statement read.

Nexplay’s statement — made on Facebook — has since garnered over 6,000 likes and over 550 shares.

Last week, Myca “Yshin” Pascual accused the company of mismanaging a bootcamp aimed at training a group of female pro players for MLBB. She said, among other things, that bootcamp practised gender discrimination and did not provide precautions against COVID-19.

Nexplay did not address the specific allegations but said that they are being looked at “objectively.”

But the company also set out a warning: while investigations are being carried out, individuals should not be spreading misinformation.

“While similar incidents may sometimes be unavoidable, everyone is encouraged to likewise be circumspect in their actions as any further defamatory remarks against those concerned may result in legal action,” said Nexplay.

Tellingly, Yshin has made the original post, which detailed the allegations, private.

To read more about the initial allegations, check out our previous article on the situation.

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