Meme Monday: Arcane, the gift that keeps on giving

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With the second act of Netflix’s Arcane having been released recently, we decided to compile a list of Arcane memes, all for your viewing pleasure, of course.

Ranging from character references to straight-up comparisons, here are 5 Arcane memes for you lot to enjoy. LOL.

  1. The journey thus far

Starting off slow here, mainly because we just want to congratulate the League developers on a great run so far. Wild Rift was a hit, 2 new spin-off games to come in 2022, an impressive digital card game and of course, Arcane (duh) holds great power over both LOL fans and its newcomers. Can you say legendary? ‘Cause we can.

  1. ‘Ah, the sweet smell of science!’
Credit: https://www.reddit.com/r/arcane/comments/qt6t8q/arcane_heimer_meme/ 

To boom or not to boom, that is the question. The stark contrast between  LOL’s Heimer and Arcane’s Heimer is nothing short of hilarious. Honestly, they even resemble two sides of a coin — your conscience, if you will.

  1. The one that started it all

Not everyone pointing fingers at Powder — we’re looking at you, Mylo — when the real culprit was the monkey 😭 Damn, why don’t people ever blame the monkey? It’s not like Powder wanted to blow Piltover up (no matter if we’re talking about hard feelings here)!

  1. Because once is never enough

It wasn’t hard to discern that Powder was the one who blew things up (again) on Piltover’s Progress Day. Seriously though, Silco found that out pretty quickly. Oh, where has the time gone? It seemed like only an episode ago we were watching a scared teen that jinxed everything. No offence, Powder.

  1. Coffee, Tea or Me? *angry grunts*
Credit: https://www.tumgir.com/tag/league%20of%20legends%20Meme

Poor Viktor — this is really giving off the same vibes he exuded during Jayce’s Progress Day speech. Like seriously, Jayce, make up your mind already! Science, love or (more love) Viktor? 🙄

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