No better way to enter the esports scene with ELEVATE’21

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At Ulti.Asia, we don’t beat around the bush. Yes, this is an ad, but it’s a good one. Especially if you’re looking to enter the esports industry as a caster or someone in the line of event production.

The truth is, SCAPE has managed to get some of the best of the best in the industry to spare some of their precious time to help YOU out.

With renowned casters like Grandon ‘gamernissem’ Oh, Daryl ‘HungryCasts’ Lim, Kentrell ‘heyimquack’ Kwek and Lysander guiding you along, you can be sure to only pick up the best practices of casting. In fact, many of these casters have appeared on National TV and Radio as well explaining their craft and profession. 

Don’t take our word for it, do a quick google search on these names and you’ll find them anywhere from DOTA’s TI4 to the most recent Wild Rift SEA Championships. They’ve done just about everything so rest-assured, you’ll be in good hands.

Camera-shy? Unable to speak in rap? We’ve got you. Veterans Denise, Jia Jun and Fabian will help get you up to speed on the inner workings of Event Production behind the camera. Unlike streaming yourself in a hot tub, event production has lots more moving parts to consider and juggle at the same time.

Fret not, their collective experience of around 20 years will definitely be enough to guide you along your journey to becoming an expert multi-tasking production manager.

To top it all off, we’ve got an entire slate of mystery-but-renowned guests who will be judging your performance during the final week. Don’t miss your chance to show what you’ve got to some of the best in the industry. Who knows? You just might be picked up there and then to be part of their crew!Now’s your chance to be a big shot. There are limited spaces in this pandemic climate, so be sure to grab your slots now before they run out. Register at https://www.scape.sg/elevate/

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