Meme Monday: Snappy Pokémon photos and MPL SG Woes

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Return once again to an epic selection of memes that would leave you gasping for air and wanting more!

This week we tackle the unfortunate fate of RSG SG in MPL SG, the sneaky side of Netflix and some steamy Pokémon snap photos that will leave you questioning your faith in humanity, so buckle up, sit tight, and enjoy the ride.

  1. Playing the field

Credit:  LOL weekly

What’s better than getting into bed with one of the hottest esports games on the planet? 

Getting in bed with the other. 

Netflix pulls a pro gamer move by working with both Riot and Valve to produce their own Netflix original series.  Perhaps a Mobile Legends: Bang Bang series is on the cards?

  1. Sexy times

Credit: Pokémon snap

When you first picked up Pokémon as a 9 year-old, we are pretty sure you did it to catch ém all. But Pokémon Snap has ém all in rather compromising situations. 

Who knew Pokémon was so saucy?

  1. Think man think!
r/gaming - Angry Pikachu Noises

Credit: Reddit

Sending an electric type against a ground type might not make sense for most of us, but for Ash it’s a way of life. Like what my mum would say: “USE YOUR BRAIN!”

  1. Hey that’s mine!

MPL Singapore was one hell of a ride but the greatest twist came in the final.

For RSG SG, the trophy was within reach on the back of a superb run in the lower bracket.  Instead, EVOS SG snuck in from behind and snatched it from under their noses.

Well played, well played.

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