XDefiant: The New Call of Duty?

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Ubisoft’s XDefiant has entered the Closed Beta phase and many players and content creators have been giving it high praise – some even saying it could dethrone the popular Call of Duty franchise.

The free-to-play first-person shooter video game’s Closed Beta went live on April 15. To gain access, players can do one of the following:

  • Register on the website
  • Redeem access codes distributed by creators and partners
  • Play with friends (many can invite up to 5 Ubisoft Connect friends to join)
  • Watch partnered channels on Twitch for access drop (already closed)

It has only been a couple of days since the drop but reviews have been very positive. Some have even described the new game as a better version of Call of Duty, with similar gameplay but with everything the latter lacks.

The release was not without its flaws though. Issues with loadout saving, being shot at around corners and general unstable servers have been highlighted. However, the developers have been quick to respond and find fixes, especially for loadout saving.

Even more impressive, Mark Rubin, Executive Producer at Ubisoft, did not let the fact that he just had a baby stop him from actively replying to players on Twitter, answering their questions and providing updates.

He even tweeted about the consideration of extending the Closed Beta due to the issues, but there is currently no news confirming anything.

As loved as the game is right now, we have seen this before – games being hailed and called better than the leaders in the industry. Yet after the full release, they simply do not compete. We can only wait and see if the initial fanbase of XDefiant follows it to its Open Beta and subsequently, its full game launch.

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