Meme Monday: RSG SG falls flat, Diablo’s threat

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Every Monday, Ulti takes a look at some of the trending issues in the world of esports and turns them into memes. Here’s this week’s Hall of Fame/Shame. 

The internet cringed over RSG’s epic fail in the third weekend of the MPL SG as they walked away with massive losses to both Impunity and Kingsmen. However, the once favoured team is not the only one suffering. MPL SG team, Forsaken also left Impunity SG crying, by disrupting their plans and stealing the Lord multiple times. Diablo’s biggest rival, Path of Exile (POE) also reared its ugly head in the last week with the drop of its ultimatum expansion. The new update hardly leaves Diablo any space to fight back.

It was an extremely jammed-packed week, and without further ado, let’s delve into this week’s selection of epic memes from around the internet and one original bonus meme.

  1. A picture speaks a thousand words

Talk about famous last words. Previously a team favoured to win the competition, RSG defied all expectations to be thrashed by Kingsmen. Like Humpty Dumpty, RSG had the greatest of falls and this team, the Kingsmen were the ones actually responsible for the dramatic collapse. I guess RSG SG will be watching their words from now on.

  1. Bye-bye Diablo

Despite initial technical issues, POE squeezes its way into this week’s meme highlights. The POE franchise is pulling no punches against their rival franchise, Diablo. On top of trending among twitch streamers recently, the epic game also dropped their new ultimatum update that leaves Diablo little to no chance of fighting back.

  1. What’s yours is mine

Sharing is caring? Another iconic moment over the MPL SG weekend was by Forsaken, where they stole the Lord from right under the noses of Impunity SG. Forsaken succeeded in stealing Lord from them not once, but twice! Sadly, the Lord steals just weren’t enough to give Forsaken a win, nonetheless, it was a hilarious highlight from MPL SG.

  1. Call an ambulance

Quick! Call an ambulance! Evos SG looked to be in critical danger of losing against Notorious Villains, but alas, it was all a ploy. The powerful EVOS team sent Notorious Villains away in an ambulance, as they came out on top with a solid 2-0 win. Talk about a medical miracle.

Bonus: From ka-ching to boo-hoo

With so many memes out highlighting the massive fail of RSG SG, we figured we’d also do our part. The team recently received funding of US$1 million from Tembusu Partners. But it looks like some of that investment might just have to be used to wipe away the tears from losses this weekend. Talk about expensive tissues.

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