Meme Monday: Unite the world with Pokémon and memes!

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Taking the world by storm, Nintendo finally released Pokémon Unite for the Switch on Wednesday (July 21). To say the least, the game is hot, fun, and a treasure trove of memes. So, without further ado, let’s turn this into yet another meme-ingful week.

  1. “wE’RE ReALlY StrUGgLiNg ”

Credit: Ulti.asia

With the game spamming you with “We’re really struggling” every few minutes and with no way to check how far you are behind in points, Pokémon Unite can be a little tilting at times. I mean what better way to encourage a team to try harder than to constantly blast the fact that they suck?

  1. Uno-reverse trade deal
r/PokemonUnite - That Zapdos fellow is pretty good

Credit: Reddit 

What’s a better bank for your buck than stealing Zapdos from your opponents for the win? Almost a deus ex machina, Zapdos is the Golden Snitch that can turn your “we’re really struggling” to victory in one fell swoop!

  1. tEAm pLaYeRs
r/MobileLegendsGame - Everytime

Credit: Reddit 

Talking about MOBAs, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang never fails to deliver “quality” teammates. I mean what’s better than playing rank with a team of 5 damage dealers? Clearly, Moonton added tanks just for the fun of it… Hopefully, Pokémon Unite won’t ever become this toxic.

  1. Dreams vs reality

Credit: https://imgur.com/gallery/yPzb6oY

Cyberpunk reaches a new high of disappointing fans – this time, by failing to deliver on what they promised in the trailers. As if the glitches aren’t enough! Well, at least 100% of players were able to spend real cash on the game!

  1. Modern problems 
r/gaming - I was not prepared for this decision!

Credit: Reddit 

What do you do when you are forced to choose between a rock and a hard place? Probably the hardest decision for gamers in the pandemic, since they already “quarantine” themselves at home with games. On the bright side, if you decide to pick your mouse arm, you would finally have a legitimate excuse for your terrible aim. 

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