Honkai Star Rail: 15 Hidden Achievements You May Not Know About & How to Unlock Them

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Achievements are nothing new in Honkai Star Rail. Since launch, they’ve been a great way of earning a few Stellar Jades just by naturally progressing in the game. 

There are, however, loads of achievements hidden either away in odd corners of the worlds or behind a convoluted series of actions the player must take just for a handful of Stellar Jades. 

But true gacha gamers know that five Stellar Jades is better than none so here are 15 hidden achievements and the steps to unlocking them:

  1. Spamming SPAM
1. Access your Friends list and enter any chat

2. Select the icon of the speech bubble and gear at the bottom left of the screen

3. Change your Chat Box theme to your respective chosen Trotter (note: this is only unlocked after you have completed the Aetherium Wars event)

4. Spam as many characters in a single message until the game indicates you have reached the character limit

5. Send it to your confused friend
  1. To The Other Me
1. Find a friend who uses the Trailblazer MC with the opposite gender of your own

2. Send them a sticker in chat
*See Spamming SPAM
  1. Astral Express-ions
1. Find yet another friend

2. Send them 20 stickers of the Astral Express members in a row

3. Hope that your friend doesn’t reconsider the friendship after receiving 20 stickers of March 7th from you
*See Spamming SPAM
  1. All Is Well/It’s Always Darkest Before The Dawn/The Vermillion Bird Brings Swift Fortune/Smooth Sailing With Wise Council
1. Head to the fortune teller, Ruoyue, at Exalting Sanctum on The Xianzhou Luofu

2. Receive a divination from them (there are four different results, each of which gives you the respective achievement)

3. You may only receive one per day and the result is randomised BUT there is a way to cheat the RNG 

4. According to u/nakdwag on r/HonkaiStarRail, “The first line of the second black screen will determine which result you get. Simply Alt-f4 or close your game on this screen if it is not the result you’re after.”

5. The four first lines begin with:
“You are seeing the Xianzhou Yaoqing…” (Weal)
“You are seeing the Xianzhou Cangcheng…” (Woe)
“You are seeing a swift figure…” (Slack)
“You are seeing a white-haired man…” (Doze)
  1. Absolute Zero
1. Have Jingliu as your active character and head to the Storage Zone on Herta’s Space Station

2. Interact with the Rating Pistol

  1. The First Step of the Future
1. Head to the Newspaper Seller in Administrative District of Jarilo-VI

2. Purchase “Miners Weekly Issue 226”
  1. Inorganic Wisdom Fruit
1. Speak to Svarog in the Robot Settlement in Jarilo-IV after completing the Aetherium Wars event

2. Select the dialogue option “How are you getting along with the IPC’s people?” and obtain the readable item Screwllum’s Message
  1. Thank You, Pela
1. Head to the Old Weapon Testing Ground in Jarilo-IV after winning the championship in the Aetherium Wars event

2. Speak to Fedora
  1. Journey to the Arctic Bear Cub
1. Head to Outlying Snow Plain Fields on Jarilo-IV and teleport to Calyx (Crimson) after completing the Future

2. Market questline

3. Directly to the left will be the Plains Bear Cub

4. Interact with it
  1. With the Colossus as Witness
1. Head to the Pillars of Creation: Construction Site in Jarilo-VI

2. Investigate (lick) the icy fence
  1. First Things First
1. Head to the Old Weapon Testing Ground after winning championship in the Aetherium Wars event 

2. Speak to the Mysterious Stranger three times (she will move to the indicated spots after each interaction)
  1. Ice Grim
1. Head to the Pillars of Creation in Jarilo-IV after completing the Future Market questline

2. Interact with the trash can near the indicated spot five times
  1. Don’t Try This At Home
1.Head to the Old Weapon Testing Ground in Jarilo-IV after completing the Aetherium Wars event

2. Break the barrel near the elevator

3. Fight/Bribe the enemies who confront you afterwards

  1. Steel and Toys/Steel and Street Lamps
1. Investigate a stack of wooden crates at the Pillars of Creation in Jarilo-IV

2. Investigate three more stacks of wooden crates 

3. Give the scraps to either Benjamin or Pela (after which you will complete either one of the two achievements depending on your choice–Benjamin for Toys and Pela for Lamps)
  1. Legs Are Just for Show Anyway/Rise, Engine of Creation!
1. Head to the Pillars of Creation in Jarilo-IV after completing the Future Market questline

2. Speak to the group of NPCs located in the indicated spot

3. Depending on your dialogue choices, you will obtain either achievement

4. For “Legs Are Just For Show Anyway”, select the fourth (unreasonable) option for all plan stages

5. For “Rise, Engine of Creation”, select any of the remaining three options for all plan stages
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