Honkai Star Rail: Must-Have 5-Star Characters for FTP Players

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With Seele’s return to the Character Event Warp in Honkai Star Rail’s upcoming Version 1.4, it’s safe to assume that other 5-Star characters will have their reruns as well in the near future.

That being said, not everyone can afford to fork out a few hundred dollars every update to satiate their gacha addictions. So we’re left with the question: which future re-run 5-star characters are the most worth to pull for? (Especially if you’re FTP!)


Arguably one of the best 5-stars in the game currently, Luocha is crucial for any player looking to tackle the tougher battles in modes like Herta’s Swarm Disaster and Forgotten Hall’s Memory of Chaos.

Not only an amazing healer and debuffer, Luocha’s healing also scales on ATK which means he can pack quite a punch as well–particularly with his Ultimate, Death Wish, since it deals DMG to all enemies. Additionally, using his Ultimate provides him with one Abyss Flower stack which, when he reaches a total of two, triggers his Talent which provides constant healing to allies when they attack enemies for two turns. 

Need I say more?

Silver Wolf

The best support character in Honkai Star Rail, Silver Wolf is another 5-star character that (like Luocha) is just absolutely crucial for late-game content.

She specialises in debuffing enemies not only by reducing their ATK, DEF or SPD but also via implementing onto them a Weakness of an on-field ally’s Type (example: if her team contains Kafka, Blade and Natasha, the possible Weakness implemented onto the target enemy will be Lightning, Wind, Physical or Quantum).

Silver Wolf is extremely unique and fits into pretty much any desired team comp.

Imbibitor Lunae

The best DPS character in the game thus far, Dan Heng – Imbibitor Lunae deals massive DMG (both single-target and AoE) even without any Eidolons. 

A traditional DPS character only in the sense that he’s built for high ATK and the typical CRIT Rate/DMG combo, Imbibitor Lunae is far from traditional in how intricately detailed his Skills are–his Basic Attack alone has 4 “levels”, each of which deal more hits and DMG than the last.

Dan Heng – Imbibitor Lunae definitely has a special place in HoyoVerse’s hearts and you should definitely make some room in yours for him soon if you haven’t already. 

Fu Xuan

The most versatile 5-star Preservation character yet, Fu Xuan is a must-have for players who either lack or are simply tired of needing both a dedicated healer and shielder in their teams. 

An incredibly unique unit, Fu Xuan specialises in reducing the damage taken by allies (via directing a chunk of the damage to herself AND raising their HP during battle) and self-healing–effectively eradicating the need for team shields and heals. She also buffs allies’ Crit Rate so if you’re feeling extra spicy, you can basically run a team with three DPS characters and one Fu Xuan to keep them alive and running. 

Ultimately, Honkai Star Rail is a pretty FTP-friendly game in general in that you can have fun and survive tough battles with the standard 5-stars and 4-stars alone. That being said, with how generous the game can sometimes be, it doesn’t hurt to spend some Stellar Jades on any of the above-mentioned units for a more exciting and fulfilling experience!

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