Meet the Silver Fraggers: Akita Seniors Take Aim at Competitive Valorant with Matagi Snipers

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The trend of gaming among seniors is currently on the rise in Asia, with the emergence of teams dedicated to bringing veterans to find new challenges. And in the midst of the Valorant competition dominated by young players, Matagi Snipers are here to show that their spirit is no less than their juniors.

Originally, these legends started out dominating Super Bomberman R Online, but now they’re rocking Valorant, Apex Legends, and Fortnite. Their website says it all – they’re all about embracing the spirit of Akita and flipping the script on aging.

image via Matagi Snipers

For Valorant specifically, the team was emerged in 2021 and started with eight players. Based on the information available, players who fall into the senior category on the team are at least 65 years old, and those under that age fall into the ‘junior’ team.

At present, the Matagi Snipers boast an average member age of 67. Based on the latest data, the senior team is composed of Mark25 (67), Ipusam (71), Yossy (67), Miyabi (71), Caitsith (71), and Ebachan (69). Meanwhile, the junior team consists of Nagi (63), Masayan (60), Hirobu (64), and Nekosan (62). Although their age as competitive players could is debatable, their skill cannot be underestimated.

For example, in one of their highlight clips, Mark25 shows his mastery of using Omen to block strategic entrances and quickly eliminate his opponents. He also looks proficient in mid-range combat. In addition to Mark25, there is Nagi who shows his skills in handling quite tricky spike defusal situations.

While they’re not in the big leagues yet, many are expecting Matagi Snipers to participate in serious tournaments down the line. For now, you can catch them flexing their skills on Twitch, streaming daily and showing the world that age is just a number in the gaming world. So, drop by their stream, cheer them on!

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